Thank you!

Let us start with a philosophical thought on life. Life, they say, is like a series of moments that one captures through his/her journey from birth to the ultimate destiny. As cliched as it sounds, it is a good way to define life. When we use this definition as the magnifying glass to examine Butta’s life till now, we are really glad to share that most of our ‘happier’ moments have been with you, our customers.

Thank you for letting us be a part of amazing moments of your lives. We have had the opportunity to be part of your birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, friendships, love, and even your quarrels (referring to the Apology T-shirts here ;P ). You’ve let us design and produce art for you to wear and at times you have made us part of your craziest and most expressive custom designs. Thank you to all the metal-heads, rockers, football freaks, potter-heads, otaku, and to everyone who has made us part of theirs passions.


Your family became our family. Thank you to all the brothers, the sisters, the mothers, the fathers, the uncles and aunts, the grandparents, the kids, and the lovers and the friends. It is because of you all that Butta became bigger than what we’d thought.

There have been moments in this journey where we weren’t able to be the best; we know there have been moments where we’ve disappointed you. But rest assured, we are as always trying to improve our services. We thank you for helping us grow and become better.

Any number of THANK YOUs will not be enough to express our gratitude towards you. But we can surely try. And that is why we want to GIVE back to you. We want to know more about your interaction with Butta. Share a photo of you with any Butta products using the hashtag #ButtaIsUs on Facebook and Instagram. And we shall provide you a 20% discount on your future purchases from Butta. Through this we aim to learn more about your Butta stories and also GIVE back to you as a sign of gratefulness.

Thank you, once again, for being a part of our journey and for letting us be a part of yours!