Picture Perfect

Every month more than 100 people buy our t-shirts. Sometimes, they send us their pictures, telling us their stories of where our t-shirts have traveled with them and sometimes they don’t.

But, here at Butta, we are always curious to know where our products have reached; where are they traveling now; who are donning them; and what moments have they become a part of. Not only us, even our designers love to know where the t-shirts they have designed are hanging out in this world.

So from the month of September, we have decided to feature our favorite customers’ photos that tell us where our t-shirts are hanging out.

Send us your photos that shows what are you doing with our t-shirts. Take us to the randomest places you’ve ever been to or of moments when you were doing the most craziest things while you were donning it. Send us your pictures through email at hello@butta.us or tag us in your instagram posts along with the hashtag #buttaisus.