Happy Buddha Jayanti!

Happy Buddha Jayanti!

One of the most talked about designs on the Butta website and page is Dabbing Buddha by AyUsh. Dabbing was starting to trend. People were dabbing, living things were dabbing, non-living things were dabbing, everyone and everything was dabbing on the social media. And the designer made an image of Buddha who was dabbing. Not a big deal eh?

People responded pretty awesomely to the design. Thank you to all those who liked it and shared it and ordered our products with that design. But among the many many people who responded to this design, some were offended. They were “offended” because “the design disrespected Buddha and the values of Buddhism”. Do you see the IRONY here?

Have you heard that story where an angry man turns saintly because Buddha does not take offence? Buddha and his path and values drive people towards being peaceful, and not being offended by things — for example a mere piece of art created with no intentions of hurting anyone’s feeling. If you were among those who was offended, we want to make it clear that Butta, and the designer himself, never intended to hurt your values. But we would also like to remind you that though being offended is your right, it does not match with Buddhist values, you might need to reconsider learning about Buddhism.

Buddhism and Buddha are too huge to have been affected by a piece of art. We as a nation should stop taking offence for every little thing. If Buddha was still alive, he would have dabbed along and probably would have got the citizenship of another country because we keep getting agitated about topics of his birthplace.

Also, Happy Buddha Jayanti!

PS: Butta was born in Nepal! :P