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When you first hear the term ‘Little Things’, what comes to your mind? Small, cute, tiny, little things, right? This is why it is a great name for the Lalitpur based startup who creates the cutest and the most adorable designs and products. Abha Dhital, who started Little Things back in 2015 as an experimental project, is a proud entrepreneur and the think tank behind the ideas and designs that the people around Kathmandu are getting madly in love with. Little Things was chosen as the artist of the month of April at Butta, for which we did an email-interview...

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Recently finished working on Publicity Designs for the upcoming movie Lalpurja and also involved in upcoming Kathmandu Triennale, Ratan Karna is a graphic designer, best known for his calligraphy skills. Despite learning from his father as a kid, he shares that he’d learn about the term ‘Calligraphy’ only when he was working. “Once, a classmate of mine asked whether I would be interested in tagging along with him to this small painters’ shop where he’d started to learn paintings. He showed me his lettering with flat brush. When I shared this with my father back home, he said “brush le...

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  Ashim Shakya is an Art Director known for his digital manipulation works. He is one of the designers we work with here at Butta, whose works make us drool with awe. For our first Know Your Designer series, we interviewed him to know how he got into the field. Q. How do you define yourself?I have very high expectations for what I produce, be it artworks, designs or music. I cannot commit on a low grade requirement work. Whatever I produce, I shouldn’t be ashamed to slip in my portfolio. Q. Tell us a bit about your work.Professionally, as...

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