Know Your Artist: Ashim Shakya

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Know Your Artist: Ashim Shakya


Ashim Shakya is an Art Director known for his digital manipulation works. He is one of the designers we work with here at Butta, whose works make us drool with awe. For our first Know Your Designer series, we interviewed him to know how he got into the field.

Q. How do you define yourself?
I have very high expectations for what I produce, be it artworks, designs or music. I cannot commit on a low grade requirement work. Whatever I produce, I shouldn’t be ashamed to slip in my portfolio.

Q. Tell us a bit about your work.
Professionally, as an Art Director, I develop visual renditions whether it be photography, videography, paintings or designs based on the core concepts that are drafted internally or sometimes externally. I like to take care of an artwork myself from scratch to finish as I am very vigilant on my work. When collaborating with others, I supervise it very carefully.

Q. How did you get into this field?

I have always been inclined towards the creative and artistic side. I have learnt mostly from my curious personality. The consistent feeling of achievement from my work has driven me into this field.

Q. How supportive was your family when you pursued this line of job?
I kept my interests confidential. My family wasn’t supportive when I forcefully joined a fine-art college. I started working at 17 as an office boy while I painted and sold portraits. Then I taught computer and experimented more with the digital field. Being rejected couple of times as a graphic designer, I started working on small projects to strengthen my portfolio. Slowly things started getting better and though my family wasn’t supportive back then, they’re proud of the path that I’ve chosen.

Q. What are your inspirations?
Nepali culture, arts and music, tribal traditions, myths and masks, literature, ranjana lipi, textures and colors. I am also stirred by video games from the ancient 8bit to recent releases. Moreover, it’s the idea to fuse and portray traditions in a stylized advanced form is what truly Inspires me.

Q.What do you do in free time?
Leisure time is very scarce but whenever I have some, I spend it socializing, travelling, writing and recording music, watching movies and playing video games until I find myself working again subconsciously.

Both of the images are courtesy of Ashim Shakya.